Editorial Policy

  1. We use independent information free from political or advertising, self-promotion, or fundraising purposes.
  2. We respect the reader’s and listener’s opinions and we give voice to all different opinions. We advocate for pluralism.
  3. We produce content that does not put our safety at risk. We are careful and discreet when talking about issues related to violence, crime, death, political parties, and national policies and practices.
  4. We respect each other within the group of “Young Journalists” and we express our opinions for our colleagues with great respect.
  5. We shall not publish and express opinions that might incite violent actions, racism, intolerance, or religious fanaticism.
  6. Our content is not discriminatory, racist, xenophobic, sexist, profane, or propagating violence. We do not offend other children’s or people’s rights. For example, we do not express ourselves with offensive comments for other religions, countries, societies, sexes, colours, etc. 
  7. Our content is not defamatory, malicious, abusive, accusatory, or inciting against an individual, group, government, country, religion, or sect.
  8. Our content does not make generalizations about an entire group, government, country, religion, or sect.
  9. Our content does not make allegations against an individual, group, government, country, religion, or sect.
  10. We shall not produce content that makes allegations against, advocate for, nor belittle or insult parties, party platforms, and political leaders)
  11. We shall not publish content that promotes harmful behaviours or practices. We shall always try to be objective.