I come from far away.

 I am a subject of mockery for them and when I want to retaliate, I am treated like a savage, an animal, and even a fool.

    It is on everyone’s lips that I play too much victim when I cry for help.

For no reason, I am hated and abandoned. I question myself and sometimes ask myself, is it my fault that I came to this earth like this?

   I can be hit, beaten, and even killed if I find myself in the wrong place at the wrong time, my life is meaningless and doesn’t matter to them, my suffering makes them happy. They force me to do what I don’t want, yes it’s the law and all that, gives me hatred.

   This hatred in me, I don’t let it go out when I see them. This hate in me is the force that keeps me going. And it is this hatred that allows me to write these words, it is this hatred that allows me to recognize the world in which I live, it is this hatred that will save me, will save me from those people to whom I have welcomed home with water, arms open, and who give me acid with sticks in hand, will save me from these people whom I treat as equal and who humiliate me whenever they have the opportunity…

     It is this hatred that will save me and that will write the history of the future. I’m talking about his history, about my history, about our history.

“To belong to history is to belong to hatred.” Andre Malraux.

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Mark this generation and change positively something in this world, that's the mission.

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