Fear is an emotion generally felt in the presence or anticipation of a delicate situation or threat. It is a consequence of the analysis of the situation and allows the subject to flee from it or to face it. In both cases, it is mostly seen as inferior or as weakness. In no case should one be afraid; by it, we recognize the brave and courageous and likewise the cowardly and weak. 

	Nevertheless, fear, as old as humanity, is a natural and general feeling that accompanies man like the fear of death, of darkness... 					
        Let's imagine the following situation: Imagine that you always take a shortcut home. One day, you return very late at night, and you knew that this road is often dangerous at night, because of the thugs who exploit it to reach their destination. This thought scares you; you fear for your life. The first thing would be to analyze the situation, assess the danger, if there is a possibility that you will get out alive. Otherwise, you will decide to give up and take a different safer path. In this case, fear has taken over. But on the other hand, it has saved you from danger. Is that a weakness? 									                Some fears, like the fear of failure, come with lived experiences throughout life. In our society, an individual is defined by his integrity, courage, and toughness. But without fear, what are these qualities really worth? Why are we used to preparing for an important event; an exam or a conference or even before a fight? Of course, we will say without embarrassment that the point is to succeed. But behind every desire to succeed is the fear of failure. Those who are afraid of failure will do anything to succeed. In this particular case, fear becomes a motivator. 

	Should we be afraid of fear ?

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