Being an asylum seeker in a European country is not at all easy because asylum seekers are faced with several problems such as Racism, underestimation… and several other issues, but WHAT DO THESE ASYLUM SEEKERS NEED TO BE COMFORTABLE IN CYPRUS?

In Cyprus, there are many asylum seekers, all with different cultures and customs but who have almost one goal: to flee their country of origin because of fear of persecution or personal problems … Arrived in the host country, that is to say in Cyprus, where they find refuge, these asylum seekers need to rebuild their lives.

First, they must manage to integrate. And to integrate, it will not only be a job on their side but a work of society too (Cypriots). Several asylum seekers have been victims of certain actions on the part of society which discourage them in their daily life and do not allow interaction between them and society, which does not facilitate the integration of these asylum seekers.

 These asylum seekers have a lot of talents that one cannot imagine. Having said this, we all know that a talent that cannot be used dies, so let’s let them put their talents to work and for the benefit of the country. Let those who play football have a chance to have a professional career, help those who are artists to develop their arts, etc… while propelling them. Let them do it, help them, and propel them, as equals, with the means you would have used for a local.

 Each month these asylum seekers receive assistance for their meals. Sure, it’s already something but is it enough?

Through a small oral study in the city of Paphos in June 2020, we tried to ask a few asylum seekers (approximately 50 persons) what they think about the subject and we got only negative, sad, and desolate responses.

A lot of change must be made for a good integration, a better living condition of these asylum seekers, and as it is said “the change is now”

 In short, asylum seekers don’t need much, they just need to be treated like human beings; they are not called asylum seekers, they have a personality, a provenance, and are also human beings. They also need everything a human being could need to be comfortable and have a peaceful life.


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